What we offer

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." 

 - Martha Graham

Our aim is to improve perceived quality of life - emotional, psychological and physical - for people of all ages, gender, and culture through movement-based therapeutic and creative activities. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) our profits are used for the good of the partners and people with whom we work.

  • Boosting self-esteem & confidence
  • Improving relationships & social skills
  • Supporting decision-making & life choices

About Dance Movement Therapy/Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is the main connection across our work. DMP is a mindful relational process based on the principle of the body-mind link and, that our thoughts and feelings affect and reflect our patterns of movement. Our body is the primary source of communication be that vocal or, through our gesture and posture. DMP is used in many settings including mental health services, schools, NHS, elder care, and special needs, as well as to improve general wellbeing and creativity. Benefits include:

  • Revitalisation
  • Motivation
  • Playfulness & fun
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving posture & coordination
  • Increasing sense of self acceptance

Supporting mental and emotional wellbeing through physical participation

Our bodies were meant to move. Technology and office-based work hinder this natural and necessary part of our being, forcing us to sit for extended periods with subsequent damage to posture, internal functioning and muscle strength. Manipulating keyboards and mobile devices may lead to physical stress - work-related upper limb disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome - and impact our ability to think creatively. We may also feel governed by external loci of control with a reduced sense of personal agency. Improvised dance, alone or, with others witnessing and participating, can replenish our bodies, minds, and energy, revealing new solutions to perhaps unacknowledged issues. We both hold workshops and community programmes to support emotional resilience, unblock creative paths, and enhance wellbeing - both physical and emotional.

Corporate performance

Increasing pressure on productivity and demand for optimising resources can create immense tensions for staff and management - and between them also. Our experience of creative and, private and public sector organisations, as workers, artists and consultants, has given us the insight, objectivity, and relevant skills to support teams and individuals through the strains of change - including restructure or redundancy. Optimising time, resources and energy are essential to achieve organisational or, personal, aims and objectives. We can support effective team development leading to increased organisational productivity using movement tools to engender greater understanding of non-verbal cues, communication blocks, and intellectual defences affecting performance.

Tai Chi Chaun, L'Art du Chi, Stevanovitch Method

Originating from Chinese martial arts, the slow and sustained movements encourage relaxation of the mind and body while strengthening the core and lower limbs.  At times also known as 'meditation in movement', these anciant forms gradually aid a more efficiant use of the body, re-vitaliasalising the whole being.

The Stevanovitch method utilises various practices including Eastern breathing and relaxation techniques as well as Qi Gong exercises to support learning the Yang style - 24 & 108 postures. Advanced pracitioners also go on to the longer and more complex 127 postures.

Traditional-style Egyptian dance

Inspired by the traditional dances of Egypt this sensual, womanly art form is a powerful medium for self-expression, empowerment and excercise - especially for the spine. The captivating rhythm of the darbuka provides the heartbeat for our dance, calling us to respond with hypnotic undulating and percussive movements stimulating our senses and body. It's also enormous fun and sociable too. There are inherent health benefits beyond exercise as the movements engage deep internal musculature, helping maintain posture, balance, and even bladder control. I hold classes in North Hertfordshire and am available for workshops and performances. I also work with professional percussionist Tim Garside via 'Nile School Shakers', bringing the Ancient Egypt syllabus to life. You may have caught me recently on BBC Three Counties radio, teacing the breakfast team how to dance like an Egyptian!